“Mr. Swope has completed numerous development and manufacturing projects for me. They have included PCB design, firmware, lighting class LEDs and multiple communications protocols. In every case his work is well executed, timely and cost effective.”

-Tyler Schilling, CEO Sicktoiz, LLC

“John is very talented and I have truly enjoyed working with him on several engineering projects involving medical grade lasers. He has been instrumental in overcoming some extreme technical challenges.”

Why Choose Us

  • Cross-Disciplinary Capability Saves Time & Money

  • Friendly, Personal Attention Assures Your Project Stays on Track

  • Proven -Year Track Record

  • In-House Design Tools, Rapid Prototyping & CNC Milling Saves Time & Money

Design Capabilities

Embedded Systems

All Major Platforms

ARM, Atmel, Cypress PSoC, Motorola ( Analog & Digital Circuit Design and Related Firmware)

Advanced Algorithms

Control Loops, Sensor Fusion

Extended Kalman Filters, Optimal State Estimation, PID Control, Quaternion State Representation


Electronics to Interface to The World

Circuit Design & firmware to Control Actuators, Motors, Feedback Loops, Sensors, etc.

Power Systems

Power Conversion, Motor Drivers

Design of Buck/Boost Converters, Motor Control (Brushed, BLDC, Stepper, Servo), Actuator Power Circuitry, Laser Power Circuitry


Modern Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Custom Development of IMU, GCS, BLDC Motor control, Aircraft Attitude & Position Control, Telemetry/Communications, Data Logging

Mission-Critical Systems

High MTBF, Low Failure rate

Design of Redundant Hardware Architectures, Design for Reliability, Time-Triggered Determinant Firmware, Circuit Simulation & Validation